Build a Shelf for Motorhome or RV

The television shelf in our Fleetwood motorhome is not large enough to accommodate the portable dvd player that we like to bring along, so constructing a small dropdown shelf below the television shelf was a long-needed project.

I used a better grade of pine board, 3/4 inch thick, and cut it to the shape and size I wanted.  To attach the shelf to a wall that did not have any backing, I used two more pieces of pine.  One extended from the corner to the end of the wall and provided the backing.  The other piece provided a horizontal connection where the hinges would go.  You can see from the photos below that I used a drop-down hinge in the center, and this has worked really well.

The cords for running power and connecting audio and video between the dvd player and the television are simply run through a plastic white "chase" with an inside elbow attached at the shelf level.
Although the plastic "chase" comes with adhesive backing, I decided to just leave it loose so I could easily remove the cords later. I drilled a round hole in the tv shelf above, and the plastic "chase" extends up through it for a ways and that provides a little stability.

As far as the finish, it is simply stained to the tint that I wanted. (It matches another shelf that I installed between the twin beds.)

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